Mindshark Marketing’s services; what clients are saying.

Mindshark Marketing’s services; what clients are saying.

Mar 26

Mindshark ServicesA lot of marketing companies are scrambling to get a share of clients’ budgets by introducing much needed services to their portfolios. While a lot of these companies are using services that are almost as good as Mindshark Marketing’s, their clients definitely do not get the level of results that are produced through. We sent a probe into the depths of our client list to see if we are still serving them the way we promised when we were eager to get them to sign a contract. This is what they had to say.


Consistent results

Clients that were among the first to join our now long list were glad that the same energy we had shown while they were still struggling to find clients of their own. Now that they have a steady stream of clients that has seen them grow to other countries, they were glad and even willing to tell other companies how well we delivered their products to the masses that are now repeat clients. We have managed to stick to the contracted results expected by our clients, from clothing retailers to even service delivery based business models, and this is not a trait we plan on shedding off any time soon.

Latest technologies

When instagram started offering advertising services to their users, Mindshark Marketing was among one of the first agencies to conduct A/B tests using different posts and implementing the new discoveries against our client list. Our clients got more popular among millennials and landing pages that we developed shocked clients with an influx of leads. Our clients whose products we had been itching to pitch to the young audience blew their sales charts, and we were happy to have achieved yearly targets in just their first quarter

Cost savings

While we implement new things and exceed expectations every time, not a single instance has any of our clients had to answer a call from us asking for additional budget investments. By being masters of inbound marketing, and still getting better by 1% every day, our clients need not worry about us demanding more for the impressive results they experience. One client expressed their gratitude, saying they felt we were doing them a favor after comparing the cost of our services with their earnings directly obtained through our efforts. We believe marketing is a game of reaching the masses using the most clever methods, this usually means those that work without costing too much.

Our reputation for being affordable, and very reasonable given ROI after short contact periods makes us proud to be in the marketing game. Mindshark Marketing is well on it’s way to dominate new frontiers. Our clients all have first hand experience of breaking barriers and achieving the impossible through their continued association with us. As time passes, we are confident that more impressive innovations will even make for better results than previously attained, the cost will still be the only constant variable in the equation.

Destination Wedding Packages In Sunny Bahamas

Destination Wedding Packages In Sunny Bahamas

Mar 02

destination wedding packages all inclusive

When people think of ideal wedding venues, sunny Bahamas is always high up on the list.  With miles of white sand, clear blue waters, lush greenery and lots of resorts and hotels to choose from, it is no wonder they have some of the most popular destination wedding packages.

There are lots of plans offered, the most elaborate being destination wedding packages all inclusive.  Shop around for the best deals that fit both your budget and your concept of a dream wedding.  The following are three venue suggestions:

  1. Abaco Beach Resort, Bahamas

If you want seclusion and privacy, stunning Tropical Island setting, and great wedding venue plans, then you should consider Abaco Beach Resort in the Bahamas.  You’ll have a choice of 6 ceremony venues in their 40 acres of property: by the pool, air conditioned hall overlooking the marina, garden pool, lawn, garden gazebo, and private beach & island.  Wedding packages start at $999 and service for just the couple and two other people up to a service with lots more options and up to 50 guests.  The basic package includes wedding planner, officiant, marriage certificates and assistance with the registration office, beach side palm frond wedding arch, and a one night stay for the newlyweds.  Couples are encouraged to coordinate with the staff to customize their marriage plans to match their requirements.  There are also packages for renewal of vows.

  1. Sandals Emerald Bay

The easiest way to describe the Sandals Emerald Bay is 500 acres of tropical luxury in the idyllic waters of the Exumas; that the hotel offers great wedding venue packages is merely icing on the cake.  And their destination matrimonial plans leave nothing to be desired.  From having your own wedding planner taking care of details to the wide choice of luxurious venues, and the pampering the bride and groom receive from the spa, everything is aimed at making weddings perfect.  The basic wedding plans currently costs just $500, but is offered free if the pair stay for a minimum of three nights at any room.  From there plans grow in complexity (and price) to just less than $3000;  adding options, more guests and longer stays further increase the final bill; but that is a small price to pay for having your dream wedding come true.

  1. Pelican Bay Hotel

The Pelican Bay Hotel has everything the Bahamas is famous for: great tropical sunsets, clear blue waters and miles of powder soft sand.  Add luxurious rooms combined with elegant wedding venues, and it is no wonder they have some of the more popular wedding venue plans. You can have your wedding indoors, in the garden or by the sea; your choice.  There are three packages on offer, two of them for weddings and one for renewal of marriage vows.  All plans include the help of wedding planners, transport around the island, flowers for the couple, wine, and cake.  A Bahamian-themed wedding is an option and customization is highly recommended.

One thing only you can ensure is the availability of all required documentation.  Visit the website of the Caribbean Wedding Association  or the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism for more information.  If you take the time to learn the requirements well, the destination wedding plan you choose should work perfectly.